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Affectionately known as the Dating Doctor by her clients, Tracy Ready, America’s #1 Dating Consultant for Single Black Women, is a Believer, Wife, Author and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Strategist who takes single women on a unique healing journey that breaks soul ties, increases their confidence and opens the possibility to meet suitable, relationship-ready men.

Her first published book, Heartbreak to Wholeness: Healed, Equipped & Renewed From the Inside Out recounts a year that started with disappointment and pain from love lost to the victory of love gained when she embarked on her own healing journey and eventually met the man who would later become her husband. 

Dating Consultant  |  Couples Mentor  |  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Strategist  |  Speaker | Author

“I was the first student of my Dating Masterclass” Tracy says, to emphasize, not only did her Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, multiple certifications in Emotional Intelligence and years of professional experience serve as the foundation for the Ready to Date Academy courses; all of her current programs were birthed directly out of a Divine call to take other women on the soul care journey she took as a single, independent, career-woman blindly navigating the murky waters of the dating pool...and all the mis-steps that came with that. 

She is also the influencer behind the Soul Care for Single Black Women Facebook and Instagram pages where her nearly 5,000 followers get both insightful and sometimes hilarious content to help them on their journey as a single black woman.  There, she also hosts a weekly live dating commentary called “Friday Live” where she discusses various love and relationship topics with a series of special guests.

Additionally, she's been featured on Sirius XM's Ask the Good Doctor, Black and Married with Kids, and the NBC affiliate WMC-TV...just to name a few.


She currently resides in Texas with her husband Antonio.  Among other things, they enjoy exploring new restaurants and attractions around the country and sharing their findings on their show Eat. Play. Roam. on the TracyReadyTV YouTube channel.  Their prayer is that their marriage will be a shining example of Christ’s relationship with his bride and an inspiring example of black love.

"In my free time? I love all things crab legs, playing in makeup and spending time with the hubs." | Tracy

Tracy’s mission with her Ready to Date Academy is to help 100 singles become “Ready Women”, a term she has coined for the alumni of her programs who’ve learned to practice a soul care lifestyle which is the gateway to reaching your #RelationshipGoals.

Tracy is also available for speaking engagements, panel discussions and customizing live workshops for your group or organization.

When asked her “big why” she says, “to proactively build stronger black marriages through healthier dating.”

Are you the next Ready Woman?


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