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So you DO support the mental and emotional wellness of Single Black Women...then

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Learn more below


  • $50 for anyone who uses your code to register for the Soul Detox

  • $50 off your registration for the Soul Detox.

  • Complimentary access to the Soul Exam course.

  • Free Download of the e-book "Boundaries Not Barriers: Protecting Your Peace without Poisoning your Progress toward Love."

  • The satisfaction of knowing you're helping invest in someone else's mental and emotional well-being.




Complete the short application below to gain access to the Affiliate Community where you can get ideas, posts, etc to share with your audience, friends, etc.



Where there are more details and ideas about how to share Soul Detox with your Community.



Spread the word. When someone signs up for the Soul Detox using your code, you will receive $50.

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What exactly is the Soul Detox?

- So glad you asked...the Soul Detox is a personal development program designed to help single black women heal dating and relationship trauma, end destructive relationship cycles and create healthier, happier long term relationships. Learn more about the program, pricing, etc here.


What exactly is required from me as an affiliate?

  • SHARE THE SOUL DETOXThat you register and share Soul Detox program with your community, group, friends, family, etc who are single black women. Here's a little more context about the program and who you can share it with. Click here. 

  • USE OUR HASHTAGS WHEN YOU SHARE THE SOUL DETOX ON SOCIAL MEDIA:  Use all of these hashtags:  #SoulDetox #SingleBlackWomen #IDoKnowWhoNeedsToHearThis #souldetoxwithtr Why? Because these will lead your followers to other content so they can get to know Tracy and the Soul Detox better.

  • GO LIVE WITH TRACYWe require that you do a live, podcast, vlog, etc with Tracy Ready to discuss some aspect of the the Soul Detox on at least one of your social media platforms. We can e These topics are shared in the affiliate community after you register.

  • FOLLOW & COMMENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow Tracy Ready and Soul Care for Single Black Women on social. Then like and comment on posts when you see them. You aren't expected to stay "GLUED" to your Social media but when you see something, say something. It really helps the algorithm and exposure to more single black women. Don't worry, we'll tag you periodically to come support a post or announcement.

When will I receive my payment?

- We will distribute payments to your PayPal, CashApp or Square each Friday to every affiliate for the full amount of people who've signed up using your code since the last Friday. .

When do I receive my other affiliate perks?

- After registration you will receive access to the other perks in the Affiliate Community.

How long will I be an affiliate?

- You can decline affiliation at any time simply by not sharing the information about the program, your affiliate code, etc. There is no "set" time period.


What is the purpose of the affiliate program?

- The purpose of the affiliate program is to gather like minded people who believe in the mission and purpose of the Soul Detox to help promote the program and encourage single black women to enroll.  By becoming an affiliate, you essentially vouch for the integrity and legitimacy of the facilitator and the impact of the program.  To learn more about the impact of the program, read testimonials of past Soul Detox clients here.

Can men be affiliates?

- Absolutely! If you know or serve single black women, this is an excellent way to resource them with tools to help them on their personal development. We share resources on HOW to share with the sistas in your life in the Affiliate Community.


Is there a Soul Detox for men and can I be an affiliate for that program?

- I like how you think! As of today, there is no Soul Detox for men, however, we are in fact working on it. When it is available, you will be able to get affiliate perks as a result of the men who sign up using your code as well.

Who is Tracy Ready and how can I trust that she's qualified to help the women with whom I share the Soul Detox?

- I'm so glad you asked.  Tracy Ready is a Marriage and Family Therapist, Author and Speaker who has been helping families, couples and individuals challenge faulty beliefs, disrupt unhealthy patterns and create positive, life-altering change in their lives and families. She's been featured on several media outlets, authored a number of books and most importantly, has successfully helped many women become a healthier version of themselves. You can read testimonials from past clients here. You can learn more about Tracy here.

Where can I direct additional questions?

- Submit additional questions

Its simple...earn money for empowering single women to care for their emotional health.

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