Real life stories of Dating Masterclass students/alumni who have successfully embraced the path of emotional freedom from dating trauma.  Stock photos and aliases have been used to maintain client privacy. Click on the photo to read each study. Studies are updated regularly.  Check back often.


Sonya connected with The Tracy Ready Company through Facebook.  

She was caught in a self-destructive cycle with a few men who weren't good for her.  They made lofty promises that they wouldn't keep. She'd break up with them or they'd ghost her.  Then after a period of time, these men would cycle back into her life.  This is one example of what we call the "Heartbreak Cycle."  

While she was a busy photographer hosting conferences and traveling profusely, she signed up for the Dating Masterclass.  

Together we began to unpack her baggage and did some deep work to disrupt these unhealthy patterns with these same 2 or 3 men.  

She was perplexed with the question "why don't they see her value?"  

There's a popular saying that "you attract what you are."  I beg to differ.  You attract what you're used to, what you're comfortable with...and she'd become comfortable with these men's toxic cycle.

We did the healing work and finally reached the 3rd Module of the Dating Masterclass.  Its called the Dating Experiment.


She went out on her first date after about 4 months of not dating.  She sent me a message: 

"I just went out on a date with a man that restored my belief in men and love."

Success for her was seeing that there were men outside her "cycle of men" who were actually really great people!!  It was a real eye-opener for her. 

After completing the Dating Masterclass, she enrolled in the MotiBAEtion program for additional mentoring as she continued to date and put her new tools in practice to meet her relationship goals.

At the time of this update, she has met an amazing man who is currently serving in the military.  They have a great relationship and she's officially out of the heartbreak cycle and living her #RelationshipGoals.


Neresa joined the Dating Masterclass Date Ready Text Community through a YouTube ad.  She requested a consultation.  


She didn't have any trouble getting a date; in fact, she often attracted generationally wealthy, successful men.  Her dating life was so active, she had trouble pausing dating to do our work together.

She couldn't figure out why nothing worked with any of them.  Unlike many of my clients, her issue wasn't exposure to dating and men.  Rather, she needed to figure out why she was unable to seal the deal with anyone.

She realized she was the common denominator in all her unsuccessful relationship attempts, she decided to enroll in the Dating Masterclass (while completing her MBA and navigating a busy work schedule)!! 

As we worked through the modules, activities and had our live calls, she had several a'ha moments.  We discovered the source of a lot of her anxiety-ridden patterns.  There were several layers that we had to unravel.

When she eventually started dating again in the Dating Experiment, she sent me this:

"Date 1 was a success!  I was able to stay present and have fun.  We both left with good feelings."

AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2019:
That was only her first success!  She has since made a deeply meaningful connection with a man  who she really likes.  Without our work together, she says she would not have had the tools to be at this point in her love life.


Adylle attended a Dating Detox event at the encouragement of friend. She'd actually been out of the country and was hesitant about settling down.  She wasn't even sure she wanted to be married.  But she came anyway.

She was very much "into" the Dating Detox live event; asking tons of questions, sharing personal experiences, etc.  

In the hustle and bustle of her busy political career, she enrolled in the Dating Masterclass.

During our time together, we worked through some very creative exercises and activities to determine why she had been unable to make a meaningful connection with the variety of interesting men she'd met in her national and international travels. 

Through our work together, we came to discover that she had to finally draw a line in the sand and determine if she ACTUALLY wanted to be in a relationship. She didn't realize she was being indecisive and therefore sabotaging her relationships to end before they could actually get traction and take off.

At the conclusion of her Dating Experiment (the 3rd Module of the class) she met a wonderful man.  Their compatibility was instant! They've gone out many, many times.  He's planned thoughtful dates that encompass the things she says she loves.  And just when she felt she was about to sabotage the situation, she signed up for the MotiBAEtion program for continued mentoring.  


I gave her some tools for navigating that distance between "ok, we like one another" and "next level in this relationship."  She was able to overcome one of her relational hurdles, communicating exactly what she wanted.  She was able to push past her impending fears and my most recent update text from her was this morning:


"I'm going to the beach with #NewBae after work. I decided to start 2020 with him!" 


In 4 months, she went from fears and uncertainty about relationships to being on the verge of something amazing!  She also said a friend told her the following:

"I can see a change in you since working with Tracy."  


Even Adylle admits she's glowing. 


Tisha is a former classmate of mine.  She'd heard about me offering dating coaching and  contacted me to explain that she'd been through a very traumatic experience with the father of her child and fiance...CORRECTION: ex fiance.  

He became her ex fiance because he had an entire double life.  After the birth of their child, she learned that he was also engaged to and had fathered a child with another woman in another state!  


Needless to say, she was incredibly heartbroken!

As she prepared to defend her Doctoral thesis and with a newborn baby, we worked together to do some break up recovery work.  We dealt with the complex, raw emotions that she was experiencing as a result of this massive betrayal.  It was not an easy task.

We had to work through the betrayal, the self-esteem issues, the guilt and disappointment.  She finally reached a place of emotional stability.

Several months after we completed our work together, I received an update from her explaining that she'd met this AMAZING man who loved and accepted her AND HER SMALL SON, and who was like no man she'd ever known. 

Ironically, I knew the he'd dated another friend years ago. The 2 of them weren't a good fit but he and Tisha were amazing together. 

As a matter of fact, when they attended my wedding, he toasted my husband and I and thanked me for helping his wife become whole before he met her.  He credits me with helping his wife prepare to receive the love he had to offer.  

They recently celebrated their wedding anniversary.


Jahnece is a physician who attended a Tracy Ready Workshop called Heartbreak to Wholeness.  

Overtime, we did a lot of emotional wellness strategy and dating coaching work together.  We discovered that many of her issues with men were grounded in her attraction to unhandled toxic behavior of men in her past...such as her father and uncles.

Just like many of the men she dated, the men she'd watched growing up were great providers and dads.  They were Alpha men, very resourceful as it pertained to their careers.  But mentally, emotionally and (in some cases) physically abusive husbands/partners.

She had her unfair share of replicas of that type of love.  I was able to support her through several relationship transitions...including a relationship with a deceptive narcissist who nearly destroyed her emotionally.

Jahnece recently married the love of her life in an intimate ceremony among family and friends.