"Coach Tracy literally pulled me out of a pit. With her assistance I was able to immediately accomplish tasks I felt were far beyond my reach. Many areas of my life improved and continue to improve due to my encounter with her expertise - ie relationally, career and internally. For me internally made the greatest impact. Once you get self together, outside things will come into alignment. Let Coach Tracy's knowledge, compassion and ongoing support get your life, career and/or relationship (even with yourself) on destiny's track."

Wendy "Quietstorm" Lee
Ni'cole "Mogul Pretty" Bracey

"Tracy has been very pleasant to work with!  She is very relatable in her coaching. She not afraid to share her own failures, success & knowledge she's learned on her journey.  Everything she has shared has been very relevant and on time in the areas where I needed help. Tracy was like a mentor to me as well.  When I'm taking to her I feel like she's a friend and someone I can trust. She encourages you to dig deep and find the why in everything you do.  She's also challenged me to grow even further, by asking me how I'm gonna practically walk out change. I will be recommending Coach Tracy to people who are ready to grow and move forward in business."

"The most helpful part of the Dating Master Class for me was the insights about myself and how those things manifest themselves within my dating process.  Coach Tracy is delightful and has a warm and welcoming approach. Her insights prove to be effective and constructive in aiding me to see myself and to optimize my dating experience.  The Dating Master Class is a great program and is a great kick start for those wanting to redefine their dating life."
UPDATE 11/2016:
"It's been one year since I completed the Dating Master Class and much to my surprise, I have met and been in a serious, committed relationship with the man of my dreams!  It all started with continuing to use the principles Tracy gave me during the class.  Those were some of the best dates of my entire life.  I didn't know that was possible.  We recently celebrated one year together.  He is literally, the best man I've ever met!  We connect no SO many levels!!  I'm so grateful to have participated in the Dating Master Class."
Talisha "Scope Scribe" Shine
"I Had Such An Amazing Time at the SistaSpeak event and I Got A Chance To Meet This Wonderful Author With A Great Purpose. I Already Knew This Book Was Going To Be Great Just What She Spoke About But I Started Reading It Now I Can't Wait To Finish!! This Is Great For Not Only Single But Married Ladies As Well!."
Ashley "Triple DDDivas" Harris

"Tracy has been my dating and life coach for the past 3 years. Her expertise has helped get me through some very difficult seasons of life successfully. Through it all, she guides me through discovering my self-worth and, once that foundation is established, deciding what my next move should be. Ultimate goal: wholeness. Coach Tracy is AWESOME!!!"

Carla K.

"Tracy's coaching was on point. She offered great suggestions and tips. She was very upbeat and fun. Tracy listened well and gave sound, practical advice."

Toyiah M.

"When I went into this program, my expectation was that I’d learn more rationale and practical approaches to dating in the early phases.  The program did just that, gave me a candid look at my own dating experience and approach. The information was highly useful and I received a number of practical steps to move forward.  Since participating, I feel more confident that I will have better dates.   I highly recommend Coach Tracy.  I enjoyed working with her and was very comfortable expressing myself."

Kandi R.

"It was a pleasure working with Coach Tracy. She was very easy to talk to; it was like having a conversation with a friend that I've known for a while. She gave me great advice regarding a troubled personal relationship. I'm excited that I have solid actionable steps to use going forward to hopefully improve my issue. I definitely recommend working with her!!"

Tiffaney G.