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For-Profit Sponsorship Information

The Tracy Ready Company hosts life skill and emotional wellness events designed to equip and empower men and women in the African American Community. 

More than 1/2 of all women think depression is normal and never seek treatment.
People in group healing sessions often feel relief that they are not alone: others share similar struggles and concerns.
100% of surveyed attendees report that they would attend another Tracy Ready Event and bring a friend.
In our last year of operation, we have hosted live events in Dallas, TX, Memphis, TN and virtually where we reached approximately 10,000 listeners, watchers and attendees through our events and promotional efforts. 

Jerica Phillips - WMC-TV (Memphis, TN)
Kym Clark - WMC-TV (Memphis, TN)
Janeen Gordan - WMC-TV (Memphis, TN)
LeTonya Moore - SheMatters Radio (Atlanta, GA)
Christian Kirk - The Agenda Radio (Memphis, TN)
No Compromise Magazine - Appeals to Christian Millennials
The Single Ladies Cafe Magazine - Appeals to the Single African American Woman
American Express - Open Forum
Now we are inviting you to join the Tracy Ready Company Family as a sponsor for our upcoming live events.  This is an opportunity to increase your visibility with our niche market in the following cities for our upcoming 2016/2017 Workshop Tour:

Dallas, TX

February, 2017

Valentine's Edition

Atlanta, GA

March 11, 2017

Help us leave a huge impact in your city by joining us financially to ensure a successful emotional wellness/ life skills event. For more information, contact us at