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Learn how to date smart.

Invest in your dating self-care with this insightful webinar / coaching session designed to equip you with 10 distinct check-points that every single woman who desires a healthy, happy relationship needs to examine in her life.

For women who are serious about their dating  journey.

"The information was very detailed and informative and can definitely help women who are in need of getting serious about their dating journey. Some of us don't have the effective tools needed to allow change to happen in our lives and thus stay in the same dating patterns month to month, year to year.  The Dating Detox will help."  - Dating Detox Attendee

You will complete this course with
  • a clear understanding of where and how you lost track of your dating life.
  • key "check points" to explore in lieu of your unique situation.
  • new principles to consider to create change in your dating life.
  • actionable tools you can utilize immediately. 

There is a WAY to heal that is specific to dating and relationships.

"You need to heal in order to move forward and have healthy loving relationships. If you don't, you'll continue having unhealthy relationships and pass it on." - Dating Detox Attendee

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Insightful and knowledgeable.

"Tracy is so insightful and full of knowledge." - Dating Detox Attendee

Meet Your Facilitator

Tracy Ready is a professional Marriage and Family Therapist turned Dating Consultant passionate about helping single women adequately disrupt unhealthy patterns then prepare for and attract emotionally healthier potential partners.
She is a wife, sister, niece, God-mother, friend, cousin who loves cats, cooking and crab legs.  She can often be found researching new keto, vegan or vegetarian recipes.  

MORE ABOUT THE SEMINAR & TRACY READY, Your Dating Detox Facilitator (4 Minute Video)

Every woman who is single needs to register for this webinar.

I honestly would like for every woman I know to know about this wonderful webinar, so they'd know that there was a way to have a better understanding about why their dating life is the way it is and that through attending this event, she would be blown away at how in-depth, personal, and beneficial the information would be to her.. - Dating Detox Attendee

Every woman who is single needs to register for this webinar.

Don't doubt it until you try it. Until you do, you can't say that you've tried everything because you're still single!! - Dating Detox Attendee

Enjoy dating and reach your #RelationshipGoals