MotiBAEtion is dating mentorship for the modern-day single woman.

MOTIBAETION is 1st Date to Wedding Date support for single women navigating the dating world. 

Your MOTIBAETION facilitator serves as a coach, consultant and strategist in your dating life. 

Yes, you could piece together dating advice from here...with DOs and DON'Ts from there but this is a tailored experience precisely designed for your dating scenarios and experiences.


Tracy Ready, 15 year Therapist, Dating and Coach will serve as your mentor. Learn more about Tracy here.


As a MOTIBAETION subscriber you can date with confidence and unbiased, non-judgmental support.

You never have to date alone again.

INtroducing Motibaetion

Dating can be tricky.  There are a lot of wheels spinning, information processing, feelings (both good and bad) fleeting and flooding in.  It can be intimidating and quite frankly, it keeps a lot of ladies from even trying.  But listen...

Our only goal is to help you reach yours

Your facilitator is a coach and an advisor.  We won't make decisions for you but we will give you honest feedback as desired and help you work through the ebbs and flows of dating decisions. 

Subscribing to MotiBAEtion includes:​

  • your choice of monthly or bi-weekly one-on-one coaching calls discussing your dating experience, dilemmas, questions, concerns, etc.

  • revamp or create an amazing online dating profile.

  • accountability to keep your dating life a priority and moving forward in a healthy way up to and even after you meet "the one"

  • creation of a Goal Sheet to help guide our work together

  • access to your MotiBAEtion coach via instant text app

This means we will help you:

- overcome dating jitters 

- navigate the sometimes awkward or uncomfortable phases of dating

- make goal-honoring, clear decisions about pursuing something deeper

- be mindful of your own capacity to sabotage potentially good relationships

The role of your MotiBAEtion Facilitator

Even when you meet the potential "one", "Mr. Wonderful" ... we'll act as accountability partners in staying true to yourself and making wise, conscious decisions to create a healthy, happy long-lasting relationship...or leaving that relationship gracefully if it's not - saving you a lot of time and heartache. 


Cancel Subscription Anytime.


We will meet once every 2 weeks for up to 1 hour per session.


REGULAR $297 per session.


We will meet once per month for one hour.


REGULAR $197 per session.

​FINE PRINT ​Time limits will be strictly enforced. Overages will be prorated at the regular touch-up session rate of $297. Coaching continues until client chooses to discontinue services.  Dates of sessions will vary depending on coach's and client's simultaneous availability. No impromptu meetings. After payment, you will be contacted or directed to calendar to schedule 1st session.