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EmpowHER Life is the 7-Point Wholeness model developed by Tracy Ready.  It touches on 7 key areas in a woman's life that are most vulnerable to brokenness and most resistant to wholeness.  Women who attend can expect to gain clarity, motivation and inspiration to:
  • Audaciously love and celebrate the things that make her uniquely woman.
  • Honor her divine purpose.
  • Gain valuable information about making peace with the past.
  • Take action-steps to purposefully pursue whatever vocation she desires.
  • Embrace healthy friendships with appropriate boundaries.
  • Proactively become healthy by eating clean, whole foods.
  • Avoid dating isolation and be free from frustrations, pain and issues concerning men.
Heartbreak to Wholeness After many years of break-ups, disappointments and relationship fails, many women find relief in taking time to heal themselves.  And they should!!   Decades of this pattern is exhausting and causes incredible wounds to a woman’s self-esteem, heart and diminishes their hope in ever being in a happy relationship.  This workshop is designed to facilitate healing, wholeness and encourage single and divorced women on their journey of self-care.  Attendees can expect to receive:
  • Greater understanding of herself
  • Better understanding of modern-day men and manhood
  • Tools to address past issues, present dilemmas and to ensure future success
  • Systematic method  to finally "let it go"...whatever "it" is or whomever "he" is!!
The Fear Not Experience  This is an  interactive, motivational story of triumph over fear and anxiety.​ When Tracy conquered fear, a whole new world opened to her; one that she never thought could be possible. Audiences are inspired to take the first step in conquering fear, embracing confidence and living a FearNot Experience.  Attendees will:
  • Be equipped with the tools necessary to dismantle the things that feed their fears
  • Learn healthier strategies to safeguard themselves
  • Confidently pursue the life they want to create
  • Be inspired by someone who was crippled with fear and anxiety
The Dating Mastermind   You prepare for everything else...why not prepare for the relationship of your dreams.  Let me guess, your love life is non-existent! right?  I know.  This is the frustration many of my clients share. They follow the advice of every dating guru only to find themselves in the same relationship ruts!! This luxury retreat takes an intimate group of single women on a journey of check points in their lives that could be negatively effecting their relationship results.  The 10 women on this retreat will
  • Receive professional group and individual therapy
  • Be equipped with the tools necessary to address her concerns about re-entering the dating scene
  • Get a crash course on how to safely, securely and successfully date online!

SistaSpeak  When Women collaborate, magic happens. SistaSpeak is an intimate, healing discussion on a dating or relationship topic of the host's choice.


A group SistaSpeak session consists of a 60-90 minute group presentation and discussion hosted by you with your friends, women's group, sisters, sorority, work group, church singles ministry, etc. Click here to request a group SistaSpeak Session.