The Single Woman's Secret Ingredient to Successful Dating







This 30-Day, Online course was specially developed with the educated, career-driven, single woman in mind. After speaking with and coaching hundreds of single women, we created a systematic approach to give you the secret ingredients you need to rewrite your love story.



a.k.a. The Treasure Hunt

First, we will conduct a series of online assessments to explore and understand various elements of your love life, subconscious beliefs about men and dating and faulty patterns that don't serve you well. Together we will work to understand the specifics of your individual approach to dating and set some goals for your future success.


a.k.a. The Tool Box

Next, using proven methods, we're going to re-train you to release old pathologies and walk confidently in a new mindset regarding men and dating. We will teach you new tools to help make dating actually work for you.


a.k.a. Perfect Practice/ 1st Date Frenzy

This module is dedicated to helping you practice the new tools you've gathered from the previous modules.  It includes:

- Updating your online dating presence

- Teaching you online dating safety measures

- Accountability as you gather new, exciting dating experiences as you confidently go through the dating process.

You will gain closure, courage and coaching to guide you to the best dates of your life.






When is the next Dating Masterclass?

The course starts the 1st Sunday of April. Registration opens the month before. 

What will I learn in this class?

You will:
  • Avoid being entangled with losers, jerks, game players and those not serious about commitment
  • Have clearer insight about specific ways you help and hinder your relationships and dating life
  • Develop new tools that you can put in place immediately for dating success in the future
  • Gather some solid principles for your next committed relationship
  • Learn how to recognize and be ready for “the one”
  • Date with dignity, confidence and expectations and “have some of the best dates of my life” (According to one previous student)
  • Learn how to attract the type of relationship you really want

How long does this class last?

The class 30 days. It will start with an online kick-off party the 1st Sunday of the corresponding month.

How much is the class?

Prices will be available the month before the class (March and September).

I am not ready for a relationship right now.  Should I enroll? 

YES! The Dating Masterclass is designed to help you prepare for love from where you are for wherever you want to go. 

What time investment should I expect? 

You should expect to spend a minimum total of about 2 hours (about 30 minutes daily, 5 days per week) on Masterclass activities.  

I'm not local. Can I enroll?  / Where do classes take place?

YES! The Dating Masterclass is a virtual class that takes place 100% online. You take it from the comfort of your own home.

How do I know that this class is suitable for me and my situation?

Single Ladies can take the Dating Flavors Quiz to find out how the class will be serve them. It is a 2 minute quiz with 3 training videos.

What is included in my enrollment fee? 

  • - Dating Masterclass Welcome Pack 

  • - A copy of "Ready to Date: Heartbreak to Wholeness" book 

  • - Individual and group coaching calls

  • - Instructional videos throughout course

  • - Assessments, exercises and homework assignments

I want to know more about Tracy Ready's qualifications. 

Tracy has completed over 10000 hours of relationship, marriage and human behavior training making her a respected expert in this field.  She has received her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and has provided counseling and coaching to hundreds of clients over the past 15 years. She has led parenting, co-parenting, life skill and career search strategy training throughout Memphis, TN and Dallas, TX for organizations like Advance Memphis, Exchange Club Family Center and Collin College, just to name a few.​
She's not teaching you something she hasn't practiced...this masterclass was birthed out of her professional training as well as personal application of the principles taught in this course.

Can I sponsor or recommend someone else for the Dating Masterclass? 

YES! You can recommend someone.
If you'd like to financially sponsor/gift a friend, family member or anonymously sponsor a scholarship for someone else, contact The Tracy Ready Company here.

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