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Therapy & Mentoring

"Tracy literally pulled me out of a pit. With her assistance I was able to immediately accomplish tasks I felt were far beyond my reach."

- Wendy | One to One Client

The Boaz Experience
Single men tell me that their biggest personal dating dilemma is deciding among all the options. The Boaz Experience is designed to help them extract principles from the story of Ruth and Boaz to adequately prepare himself for marriage from the inside out, to have realistic expectations and to finally make a wise selection.  He is both challenged and refreshed with new tools to approach dating and finding a wife.
The Ruth Experience
Single women are guided through a series of assessments and coaching sessions loosely based on the iconic Biblical relationship story of Ruth and Boaz.  Through enhanced self-awareness and a greater understanding of men, she is both challenged and refreshed with new tools to approach dating and waiting.
One to One Therapy
Using an intergrated faith-based approach, individual counseling/therapy/life strategy clients building a rapport and work together with their therapist to solve the client's issue. Tracy's areas of specialty include relationships, dating, grief & loss, improving self awareness, buidling confidence, enhanced clarity, goal-setting, developing new habits and decision-making. Sessions are 8 weeks.
The Check Up
Some dilemmas don't require extended therapy sessions.  Whether you need help weighing your options and need an unbiased opinion or a quick answer to a parenting or dating dilemma, the Check Up is the quick, inexpensive option for you.  Session is up to 50 minutes.  Longer therapy or coaching may be recommended based on the subject matter.
Ready to Launch
Ready to Launch is an 8-step business mentoring program designed to help idea-preneurs. wanna-preneurs and hobbyists develop their business idea and present it to the world. We work to lay a firm foundation then build on it with strategy to help you achieve success.

"Everything she has shared has been very relevant and on time in the areas where I needed help. Tracy encourages you to dig deep ... She's also challenged me to grow even further. ."

- Nicole| Ready to Launch Client

All payments are made in advance via PayPal.
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Assessments, surveys & may be necessary before the session.  These will be emailed to you as needed and should be completed or purchased before the session.
Free 30 Day Check-up
A You will receive a free 30 minute check-up session 30 days after the conclusion of any 4 or 8 week therapy, coaching, life strategy sessions.
Nothing Changes Until You Do.