"I love this! I love how practical this book is. It was an easy read that encourages the reader to actually take notes and implement the ideas to be on the road to being happy!" - Cree P.  (Reader)


"If I haven't done so before Tracey, let me start by saying, thank you for sharing your gift and aiding others in the healing process. I enjoyed this book because one, you can never have too many "how to be happy" resources. And two, I've always thought music to be therapeutic. If we'd reminisce a bit we'd find that there's a song directly related to almost every life event, no matter how big or small. One can always find solace and a bit of healing in a Kirk Franklin or India Arie tune. Their lyrics are truly heartfelt. This book could be a great therapy or counseling introduction to those who still tend to shy away from seeking help for whatever reason. Music, like food, is that common bond that all humans share. I've started a "Happy Songs" playlist via Spotify. I couldn't find "Clean Me" on there but I did locate it on YouTube. This was the first time I'd heard it...very relatable. Thanks for the introduction."  - Stephanie H. (Reader)

EBOOK: 5 Simple Ways to Be Happy: And the Music that Helps

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