A woman's escapades with men involve several ups and many downs. The latter lead most women to one undeniable truth: just like a toothache, hang nail or stubbing your toe on the bed post at 3 a.m. men hurt you!!

From the first pulled ponytail in 2nd grade to the crafty misunderstandings and disappointments in adulthood, many women have unwittingly discovered that dealing with men can be one of the most emotionally exhausting and painful things she does.

With a goal to become fluent in the foreign language of manhood or at least avoid getting lost in the translation from Adam to Eve, the author immersed herself in all things men.

Then drenched in information from conversations, articles, books, blogs, academic studies, magazines, sermons and relationship gurus, she embarked on an ambitious project to tie it all together.

For four adventurous months, she attained a worm’s eye view of the dating lives of 10 different men by doing something many weary, broken women rarely do: approach men and dating differently. In doing so, she discovered (and shares in this book) truths that every woman should know about men. But more importantly, she discovers truths every woman, single or married, needs to become whole.

BOOK: Heartbreak to Wholeness: Healed Equipped & Renewed from the Inside Out

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  • 136 pages; Publication Date: February 10, 2016; English