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The Soul Detox 2.0 is a 12 week program perfect for the single black woman who is ready to find love but wants to properly prepare for dating, relating and marriage. She is typically a career-driven woman or entrepreneur who has excelled in so many other areas of her life but realizes she needs to prepare for love by healing past trauma and patterns, and becoming whole so that she can reach her relationship goals.  

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The Soul Detox Elite is a 12 month, first date to wedding date program. Its an all-inclusive personal development, dating strategy, and matchmaking experience that streamlines and accelerates her love search from dating preparation to commitment.  Its perfect for the single woman seeking a premium, high end experience. 

Learn more about Soul Detox Elite (Coming Soon)
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The Soul Detox Healing Retreat is a 3-day retreat.  It includes lodging in an amazing, relaxing location, meals, and an immersive Soul Detox healing experience complete with teaching sessions, activities and events.  Small group of 10 or less single women.

Learn more about Soul Detox Healing Retreat (Coming Soon)
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