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Tracy's Bio

Tracy Ready is an experienced and knowledgeable Emotional Wellness Strategist, Dating Consultant, Therapist and Pattern Disrupter.  Her specialty is helping single women leave their relationship drama, heal their relationship trauma and reach their relationship goals.

In her 15 years of doing this work, she has developed over 10 personality surveys that help singles better understand their own destructive dating habits and through her Dating Masterclass and Soul Detox Programs, she disrupts self-sabotaging cycles and gives single women both long- and short-term tools to create healthier, happier, more fulfilling relationships.  

Not only does she hold a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and multiple certifications in Emotional Intelligence and Relationships, her passion for helping singles was also birthed out of her own experience as a single, career-woman blindly navigating the murky dating pool...and all the mis-steps that came with that. Her first published book, Heartbreak to Wholeness recounts a year that started with disappointment and pain from love lost to the victory of love discovered when she met the man who would become her husband.  They currently reside in Texas.


All of this has given her valuable insight that she shares with anyone who has an ear to hear and is READY to grow.