Well-Meaning Distractions

February 11, 2016

The internet blew up a few days ago when Pastor Devon Franklin and his wife, actress Megan Goode visited a church in L.A. to promote their book "The Wait."  While the book is doing well, the buzz was about a woman in the audience who rebuked Megan for a magazine photo she saw of her with, "her breast out." 


People had a wide range of opinions that ranged from support of Megan to support of the woman and everything in between.  Most people cited that the woman's timing and presentation was inappropriate BUT that what she was saying was accurate...Megan, who professes to be a Christian woman, should be covered up. 


My OFFICIAL opinion is, while the woman may have meant well, she reminded me of the woman in the Bible Acts 16:16  who taunted the men who were coming to preach the gospel.  Her plea wasn't that they were evil men or thieves.  In fact, she proclaimed that they were men of God.  While her plea seemed noble and was indeed accurate, the truth is, she was possessd with an unclean spirit meant to exhaust those who were there to preach the gospel and distract from their message.


The woman who spoke to Devon and Megan, I can't speak to what spirit possessed her but she was indeed a distraction.  They were there to preach and uplift the message of abstinence in the context of a relationship and diverted the power of that message to herself. 


Megan's testimony, in my opinion is that despite her attire and the pressure to divulge in pre-marital sex, God YET kept her.


Look, I get the whole thing about modesty, etc and I'm sure that's something God will deal with her in His timing.  With women's attire being such an statement of a woman's salvation in the church, I'm SURE that issue is on Megan's radar. 


All that said, let's talk (briefly) about distractions.


I think its AMAZING how we use well-meaning, even Biblical principles to serve as distractions from our pain, bricks in the wall we've so craftily erected around our hearts. 


Cliches like:


"I'm just waiting on God."

"Yeah, only God knows."


serve as excuses not to do the necessary work to create and live in the BOUNTIFUL life that Jesus died for!


"Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers."


It saddens me to see so many exasperated, single, Christian women walking JUST beneath God's promises because they have the faith but won't do the work.  They default to "the wait" on God.  Well sis, consider this:  IS GOD WAITING ON YOU?!?!?!?


What if the ball is in YOUR court?


Get you a trusted accountability person, coach, counselor, etc to examine your heart and see if your stagnation or delayed blessing is because YOU are the blockage.


Tweetable:  Sometimes the blessing hasn't been denied...you may be the source of the delay.



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