Dating Coaching (for those who already know everything about dating)

March 9, 2016

"It's what you learn after you know everything that matters most."  - John Wooden



On the first day of this new year, I got a phone call from a young lady.   She'd been following my social media promotions for my, then, 30-day Dating Coaching program, the Dating Mastermind.  She'd never liked or shared a post.  I, in no way, knew that she was ever even watching.   So when she called to ask questions about the program, I was shocked.


But something magical happened.  While I was discouraged because I hadn't gotten the response I hoped for the January round of the Program, as I gave answers to her probing questions, I gained some valuable insight about what she (and others) THOUGHT the program was versus was it was intended to be. 


I'd worked with and gave life to this program for 9 months.  Practically all of my 2015 was dedicated to outlining it and researching for it. I knew it and knew it well....only to have someone ask questions about it that I thought were painstakingly clear. 


Its what I learned about the Dating Mastermind after talking to her, that really mattered most. After I thought I knew the program from top to bottom, inside out, its what I've learned SINCE then that has grown the Dating Mastermind into what it is today...something that is formatted to better meet my clients' needs.


Let me re-introduce to some and present to others Dating Mastermind 2.0






The program is designed for single women who have it all figured out.  They know the life they want and the type of man they want but attracting or keeping that guy escapes them.


The ideal Dating Mastermind student is taking a break from dating to fix her life, career, kids, etc.  She's not necessarily interested in dating right now.  GOOD! I don't want you dating right now either.


The ideal Dating Mastermind student is a woman of faith who knows and believes that God has a wonderful spouse for her...but realizes there's work for HER to do while she waits on God.


The ideal Dating Mastermind student is in her 30s or 40s and has had JUST enough relationship experience to "know better" but enough relationship frustrations to wonder what she can do better."


The ideal Dating Mastermind student doesn't want another large-scale singles conference.  She prefers a smaller, more initmate setting where she can have individual attention and grow exponetially through on-going support after the event. 


The Ideal Dating Mastermind Student is SO OVER meeting the same man in a different body over and over again.  She wants something new.


Click here to register for an upcoming Dating Mastermind Live Event (in a city near you).





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