All women have to offer is sex

July 13, 2016



I was just reading a blog post where this man's assertion that "all women had to offer was *****" was followed by a collection of "amens" from other men from around the country.  Here's my exact response to that post: 


Relationships need a hero..... men, brothers, don't outsource it.


Let me explain: Many men portray that sex is all they want... therefore women follow suit.


You guys take a path into manhood that makes you think all you need is sex. Phrases like: "He's sowing wild oats" or "boys will be boys" or "every man has needs" or "If you withhold sex, he's going to get it from somewhere" ....all of this perpetuates the idea that all y'all need or want is sex.


These demands for sex are then put on women and girls for generation after generation and us women, being the responders that we are, begin to think that this IS the only thing men value.... OUR BODIES.

So we respond accordingly...even women who have WAY more to offer can and often DO get caught up in this equation.


Think about it:


You likely teach your daughters, little sisters, etc to practice abstinence, keep her virginity, etc...


But you probably teach and expect your son, little brothers, friends etc to be promiscuous.


Exactly who are those sons, boys, men going to have sex with? Who will they pressure and pursue for sex?


So no matter how a woman develops her character, wife-abilities, etc.... most men she encounters in her dating life DO NOT present any value for her abstinence, good character, etc. He, in fact, seeks to conquer it.


Is sex all she offers or is that all
you've been conditioned to see?


Hey Brother.... what would it look like if you DIDN'T call that girl for a booty call tonight? What if you didn't catcall the girl walking in the mall, no matter HOW she's dressed? What if you picked one woman to love and marry and be faithful to her? What if you didn't have multiple girlfriends while you're single? You don't need women to do anything differently to make these adjustments personally. It only requires a decision and self-control.


MEN YOU are the leaders! You set the tone for our homes, cities, countries and world. We women simply reflect and respond to the environment you create. I heard a male speaker say it best: "Men are thermostats. Women are thermometers. Men set the temperature, women reflect it."


The quality of our relationships will NEVER reach their highest capacity, until bold, proactive, courageous men begin to take ownership of the ways that the broken path to manhood has contributed to broken, sex-driven relationships....AND THEN RADICALLY CHANGE IT!! We will follow your lead as you consistently demand that the queen in every woman rises up.


Relationships need a hero..... men, brothers, don't outsource it. Fixing stuff is what you kings do best!!

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