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An interactive, Girl-Talk event for groups of about 5-10 women.



The Current SistaSpeak Event is based on the book, "From Heartbreak to Wholeness"

"Tell me, who I have to be, to get some reciprocity."
- The Prophetesss Lauryn Hill

Ladies, are you and your single girlfriends EXAUSTED with the dating scene, broken promises and deception?  All you want is a nice man to  share your life with. He doesn't have to be perfect, but seriously, can he just be HONEST???!?!?  Can he just reciprocate your level of investment?

"Time, in and of itself, doesn't heal all wounds.... its what you DO with that time that makes you whole." 
- Tracy Ready

Not too long ago, I felt the EXACT same way when a man I thought I was about to marry broke up with me after I stood by him for two years while he built a life "for us"....or so he said!  That break-up took me on a whirlwind of emotions and ultimately the most grueling, intensive healing process I'd ever experienced. 

"Whole attracts whole!"
- Tracy Ready

But something magical happened after that ...good men weren't out of my reach anymore.  As a matter of fact, I had more "good" candidates than I knew what to do with!!


I wrote about the entire experience in my book, "From Heartbreak to Wholeness: Healed, Equipped and Renewed from the Inside Out" and I want to come to your living room and share with you and your single girlfriends about this exciting journey in hopes of inspiring and empowering all of you with information to attract the relationship you crave!!


Want to know more?
The From Heartbreak to Wholeness SistaSpeak talk is about the healing process after a divorce or break-up, love, dating and relationships. The discussion includes:
  • Three key points for single women to consider based on principles presented in the book "From Heartbreak to Wholeness: Healed, Equipped and Renewed from the Inside Out."

  • Insightful, fresh & new ideas about dating, man-fasting and all the things we do (and don't do) to "find a man." 

  • Finally the event ends with a spirited Q & A where Tracy Ready answers all of your most pressing questions about love, relationships and dating.

Take "drinks after work" to the next level!!  You provide the location, Tracy will provide the conversation!! This purposeful girls' night event is ABSOLUTELY free!!*


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Thinking about hosting SistaSpeak in your own home or office?  Step 1 is to fill out the form below to receive detailed instructions and information about the event.  And remember, SistaSpeak is free when your guests pre-purchase their books for this "book club" style discussion.


She's your best girlfriend and ally in attracting, not finding, the man of your dreams! 

Tracy Ready, M.A., MFT is the emerging, modern authority and thought leader on Christian dating and relationships. She has combined her 13 years of counseling and life coaching with her personal experiences to give women a clear roadmap to attracting the relationship they want! 


Her most recent book, From Heartbreak to Wholeness: Healed, Equipped and Renewed from the Inside Out is available on Amazon.


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