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The Soul Detox Elite is a 12-week, boutique personal development experience. Its the same as the Soul Detox 2.0 except the weekly meetings are one-on-one with you and your facilitator rather than the group format and you'll have access to your facilitator 24 hours per day via text and email for impromptu consultations throughout the program. You still have access to and are welcome to participate in the group meetings that Soul Detox 2.0 participants will have at your own discretion.



The Soul Detox Elite is perfect for the busy single woman who has devoted herself to advancing her career, achieving high levels of success and because of her position, requires and is willing to invest in added discretion* in her healing journey.  


  • Move forward a free and whole woman in current and future relationships without the weight of the pain of the past

  • Grow in Emotional Intelligence (raise your self awareness)

  • Trust yourself to make wise decisions in dating and relationships

  • Break old patterns and stop meeting the same guy in a different body

  • Learn new tools will give you  newfound confidence

  • Start attracting, RECOGNIZING and choosing better quality men based on principles that matter, not your previous fears and insecurities

  • Reserve your emotional energy and investment for someone who is ready to reciprocate it

  • Greatly increase the likelihood of forming healthy relationships with quality men....

*Investment is $415 per week for 12 weeks.


  • Apply for the Soul Detox Elite 

  • Once accepted, you will receive an invitation and payment options

  • After payment you will schedule your onboarding session

  • The first virtual 1:1 meeting will be determined based your and your facilitator's schedule

  • You will receive access to the programming and meet weekly for 12 weeks with the Facilitator, Tracy Ready.

For more information about the curriculum and format see the Soul Detox FAQs and read Testimonials here.